[mythtv-users] Some prelim docs for pcHDTV and PVR-250 with MythTV on kernel 2.6.7

David George david at thegeorges.us
Sat Jul 17 14:30:20 EDT 2004

Cory Papenfuss wrote:

>     You mentioned finding good specs for modelines at '...' Where's 
> that exactly, or is it confidential?  :)
> -Cory

We all bow to you oh great modeline master :-)  Seriously though, I do 

I have been struggling with Modelines that I have found while searching 
the web and the mail lists.  I found an online mode calculator at 
http://www.hut.fi/Misc/Electronics/faq/vga2rgb/calc.html.  I also tried 
the videogen tool from http://www.dynaweb.hu/opensource/videogen/.  Most 
of the information I gathered was from the Myth list, the Xfree86 video 
timing howto 
(http://en.tldp.org/HOWTO/XFree86-Video-Timings-HOWTO/index.html), and 
the Linux HTPC howto 

I am real close on the modeline, I just can't fix the vertical size.  I 
am beginning to think my cheap Samsung just can't do a true 1080i.  It 
says HDTV 1080i Monitor right on the front of it too.  Oh well, that's 
what I get for cheaping out (although at $1700 2 years ago I wouldn't 
call it inexpensive).


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