[mythtv-users] MythMusic -how do you organize your music?

Cotter, Paul M. pcotter at kmzr.com
Wed Jul 14 18:00:44 EDT 2004

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>> Actually I have never seen a hierarchical playlist system. You end up
>> with a huge amount of playlists just listed and sorted by their name.
>> Does not sound very comfortable to me.
>> But I did not want to start a "playlists or file system" war. It is
>> really great MythMusic allows both to be used.
>> Thomas
> (I might be shooting myself in the foot here, because I don't
> really use the 'directory' feature either... but)
> I'm assuming mythmusic uses the db to store it's playlist info, right?
> And how many other apps work outta the box with mythmusics'
> tables?  Is there an export-to-standard-playlist feature?
> Because at least one thing that's much more universal and
> standard, is a filesystem.  Just by being able to read the
> filesystem, many other apps & scripts have a chance of
> "seeing" your intended hierarchy right out of the box.
> - Willy
>> Am 14.07.2004 um 22:04 schrieb Joseph A. Caputo:
>>> On Wednesday 14 July 2004 15:52, Thomas wrote:
>>>> You can actually do a lot using the tags. For example the iPod
>>>> offers a good way to browse by tags. And I do not want to miss the
>>>> tags for showing information about the songs while they are
>>>> playing.
>>>> But still a file structure offers more flexibility:
>>>> - you can order by more than one criteria.
>>>>    For example: having a song in it's correct genre and in a party
>>>> collection and in a personal folder ("MyDaughtersFavoritMusic")
>>>> - you can use as many hierarchy levels as you like.
>>>>    For example: "Sound Tracks/Action Movies" or "Party/Slow"
>>>> How do you do this with tags only?
>>> That's what playlists are for.
>>> -JAC
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Which "universal, standard filesystem" would that be? NTFS, ext2, ext3,
XFS, ReiserFS, WinFS ...?  The MP3 standard provides a consistent
cross-platform metadata storage mechanism that allows the user to choose
their ordering criteria and create on-the-fly heirarchies of the
information.  "Just by being able to read the file system" makes a lot
of assumptions.

And I agree with Isaac - if you don't steal your music, the tags are
usually spot on - I've never had a problem.

Paul Cotter


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