[mythtv-users] nuvexport/chapterize -> dvd

Chris Petersen lists at forevermore.net
Wed Jul 14 13:13:16 EDT 2004

> Last time I looked into this (a month or two ago),
> ffmpeg didn't create MPEG's that seemed widely
> compatible with standalone players or dvdauthor.

Doesn't mean it couldn't work for the other formats.  I'm sure that the 
divx-using people would love for a non-reencode way to get that mpeg4 
video into an avi container.

>>so maybe I should just bite the bullet and 
>>update nuvexport.
> Yes, you should :-)

And so I am.   I spent a few hours last night working with pipes so the 
forked processes can communicate with the parent.  It's been a hassle to 
get everything working so I can have nonblocking reads from multiple 
input handles, but I think I've got it working now.

Unfortunately, I have no way to get any useful progress information. 
ffmpeg sends "seconds processed" data back, but it does me no good 
without a way to get the total length of the program being transcoded. 
Once I have a way to do that (or even better, have mythtranscode itself 
send progress data back to STDOUT), I can set up a db table to store the 
info so it can be accessed via mythweb, etc.

Having progress would also let me send error messages if one or more of 
the transcode processes dies early (like with that ffmpeg version issue 
people always seem to run into).


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