[mythtv-users] Re: New Nvidia Gforce Drivers vs XVMC (SOLVED)

Angel Li angel at miami.edu
Wed Jul 14 10:06:51 EDT 2004

Doug Larrick wrote:

> dean vanden heuvel wrote:
>> My HDTV can accept a 1920x1080i signal (via an RGB connection), but I
>> have not yet been able to get this mode successfully installed.  I
>> can drive the TV to this resolution, but it does not appear to be
>> interlaced. Anyone using nvidia to drive this resolution?
> Look for a message from yesterday on the dev list "Mythtv and XvMC 
> deinterlacing patch" from Daniel Thor Kristjansson.
I applied the latter DTK patch and nothing changed i.e. it looked like 
there was no deinterlacing going on so on a whim, in the detectInterlace 
method in NuppelVideoPlayer, I changed it to always return "interlaced" 
and now I'm getting nice, smooth video. By the way, the OSD still 
stutters. Where I live, Miami FL, all the HD stations I can tune with my 
indoor antenna seem to broadcast 1080i.

This test was done with the Nvidia 6106 driver on 2.6.7 and CVS myth 
with DTK's latest HD patches. With the DTK patches, mythTV is more 
tolerant of stations with sketchy signal strength. I've lowered the min 
strength to 50 and mythTV doesn't hang as much as it used to. I've got 
to fix my outdoor antenna....


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