[mythtv-users] MythMusic -how do you organize your music?

Stephen Tait tait at digitallaw.co.uk
Wed Jul 14 09:10:15 EDT 2004

I do kinda what you do. My music collection predates Myth by about 3 years.

CD's are grouped by generic genre - Indie, Rock, Drum 'n' Bass, 
Electronica, etc etc. Each of these sections is full of artists, and theres 
also a "compilation" folder which, er, compilations for that genre go into.

As far as Myth goes, this is mounted from the file server via SMB, and 
MythMusic is configured to use the "directory" schema, so I can just select 
one or more of my "genre" folders and just play on random whatever genre 
I'm wanting to listen to at the time. The directory schema essentially 
means that your music appears as if you'd browsed into it through a file 

All 60GB or so worth of tracks have been extensively renamed and retagged 
so that they all follow the same filename schema, namely:

/home/share/music/$genre/$artist/$album name/'track number leading zero' - 
'$artist' - '$track name' - '$album name'.ext

Boy, did that take a long time to do. Single track things (like dance mixes 
taped off the radio) are given a 00 track number.

I've experimented by using hard/soft links so that music can appear in two 
places at once, but I found this too confusing :) I do use a symlink though 
so that my music videos (in the "Misc" section of my music store) are 
visible in the "video" directory on the file server, so that MythVideo can 
play them. There's been talk of a feature request to allow MythMusic to 
play music videos as visualisations, but I don't know if this is being 
actively worked on.

I've never used playlists, cos I usually like my music mixed up when it's 
just playing in the background whilst I'm working. If I want to 
"experience" an album, I can just turn off random and/or select an 
individual album from the playlist, although MythMusic as of 0.15 seems a 
bit slower at this.

Possibly not the best way to organise things, but it works for me and the 
way I like to play back my music.

At 08:54 14/07/2004 +0200, you wrote:
>Now that I have got a MythTV box I would like to replace my CD changer 
>with it (keeping the original CDs so this stays legal). But I wonder how 
>to organize the music...
>I imagine a structured hierarchy i.e. organizing by genre. Is this 
>possible using MythMusic? The most simple way to me would be to browse 
>harddisk folders with MythMusic. Then I could organize those folders in 
>any way I like. Using links a CD could even appear in several places (like 
>"Popular" and "Party Music").
>If this is not possible I would like to know how you create playlists for 
>MythMusic. Using the interface looks to complicated to me. Especially 
>since I have some compilation CDs. As far as I understand I need to look 
>up each song by navigating to the artist to make a matching playlist. This 
>would take quite a while for each compilation CD. Is there any better tool 
>to generate playlists for MythMusic?
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