[mythtv-users] zero length program files with pcHDTV

Jerry Rubinow jerryr at universal-imaging.com
Tue Jul 13 11:27:06 EDT 2004

> What city, what station? Just one station, or all? 

Philadelphia, tried with several different stations, same result.

> Make sure your frequid column is set up properly (database or

I'm pretty sure this is ok - I'm using the same numbers I use with

> Run your backend with '--verbose playback,channel' and make sure it's 
> tuning to the frequid you think it is; also that you have the right 
> frequency table for HDTV (i.e. not Cable). 

Thanks, I'll check the backend output with the verbose option tonight.

> If you're running a 2.6 kernel, make sure you run 'dtvsignal' or
> before starting the frontend (once per boot). This is a bug we need to

Stock Fedora 1 2.4 kernel.  I have been running dtvsignal anyway each
time before I start myth, just to verify the pcHDTV card operation.

(btw, apologies if this doesn't get threaded properly - I stupidly
started this thread before I turned on message receiving in the list, so
I didn't get Doug's reply sent to me)

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