[mythtv-users] zero length program files with pcHDTV

Jerry Rubinow jerryr at universal-imaging.com
Tue Jul 13 00:47:31 EDT 2004

I'm having problems recording programs with an HD setup.  Using mplayer to directly play /dev/dtv0 works fine, so I know the card is working properly and signal strength is ok.  I believe I have permissions and access set properly in the directories where it stores the video.
What happens is that a 0 length .nuv file gets created.  I setup a manual 2 minute record, the console output says it started recording on cardid 1, sourceid 1, signal strength above 80%, changing to RecordingOnly.  Two minutes later, changing to None, found changes in todo list, couldn't read file /video/programs/1003*.nuv.  And checking the file, it has 0 length.
I'm logged in as root as I'm doing all this, just to eliminate any possibility of access problems.
Anything I'm overlooking?  Other things I should check?

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