[mythtv-users] OT: Keyboard quits responding at run level 5.

Nowhere nowhere at cox.net
Sat Jul 10 19:39:46 EDT 2004

Hi everyone,

I'm just barely beyond novice when it comes to linux. I am having some
trouble with my newly upgraded distribution. I used 

"apt-get install dist-upgrade" 

and it has caused me many troubles (most I have overcome now). First
remaining problem is, I don't know how to force my system to not boot to
run level 5 for a specific boot session (I want it by default but not
for this one boot as you will see why in a sec). So I boot an older
kernel and the vid drivers force the system to stay in text mode. In
text mode, I can boot interactively, and I have discovered that once gpm
loads, the keyboard stops responding.

If I use the correct kernel for the drivers and let it boot
non-interactively, the keyboard stops responding as soon as X starts
(init 5), so I cannot enter the "y's" and "n's" required to boot
interactively and thus it is NOT gpm as it hasn't loaded yet.

This has only started since I upgraded to kernel 2197 from what I was
running (2174). But like I said I did a dist-upgrade so I'm not sure
what all was upgraded but it was a lot.

Also, my remote no longer works in mythfrontend native or in the couple
of lircexec functions I had setup. Lircd is reported in logs to have
loaded fine tho. 

So essentially my mythbox seems to record but I can do NOTHING else with
it at this time.

So 2 questions for the community:
1. How can I stop run level 5 from init'ing when I boot?
2. What's up with this keyboard/remote problem?

Any ideas?
Thanks in advance!

My MythBox:
Athlon XP 2000+, MSI K7N2GM-L, 512MB Kbyte, 80GB Seagate Single Platter,
2xPVR250 Coolmax CX300B Silent PSU, Coolermaster ATC-610BX1 Case, Fedora
Core 1, 2.4.22-1.2179 kernel, ivtv-0.1.9, myth 0.15.20040505.1

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