[mythtv-users] Nvidia TVout problem

Jarod Wilson jcw at wilsonet.com
Fri Jul 9 13:48:44 EDT 2004

On Thursday 08 July 2004 15:41, fweebles at cerebellum.salem.nexgengaming.com 
> Hi there, long time listener, first time caller.
> I've got myth 0.15.1 up on my new box (7NIF2 motherboard, nice except for
> the inherent ACPI issues), and everything is running like a dream.  Except,
> unfortunately, that part where you actually want to watch TV through the
> TV-out.
> I've seen a few threads in the archives about this, but all of the
> discussed solutions haven't helped so far.  Any time there is TV picture on
> the screen (i.e., in the program guide or while watching LiveTV), there
> appears to be many horizontal lines running through the screen, as if some
> of the display is slightly shifted over to the right.  What is happening to
> me that I /haven't/ yet seen on the lists is that this corrupts Myth's
> graphics output horribly.  If you then press Escape and go back to the
> menus, the menus themselves are totall corrupted with flickering, and one
> part of the right side of the screen is now on the left side of the screen.
> What's even weirder is that if I use the keyboard and switch displays (for
> example, ALT-F1 to go back to the text console to look some stuff up), when
> I return to the X-display, the corrupted menus are fixed.

Very odd. Not something I've ever seen myself. But then I don't use the TV-Out 
on my 7NIF2...

> I'm using the ATrpms kernel outlined in Jarod's guide, nvidia's 6106
> drivers, and I've tried deinterlacing, not deinterlacing, kernel
> deinterlacing (kerneldeint filter), adjust filter, overscan, underscan,
> RenderAccel on and off -- so far nothing has made much of a difference.
> There used to be a weird phenomenon where the screen seemed shifted right
> by 50%, where there was a weird vertical bar down the middle, and the left
> part of the screen started after the bar and the right part of the screen
> was on the left, but I fixed this by lowering my output resolution in my
> XF86Config to 640x480.
> I've got a few of the old drivers (4363, and if necessary, 5336) sitting on
> my box, but haven't had a chance to test them with the TV set, as the rest
> of the household has actually wanted to use the TV for once. :)
> Would the drivers (possibly) fix this, or am totally running in the wrong
> direction?

I would give the 4363 drivers a try. Could also be that your TV just doesn't 
like the modes you're feeding it, and maybe you need a custom one...

Jarod C. Wilson, RHCE
jcw at wilsonet.com

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