[mythtv-users] Re: Re: Yet another noobie sanity check ;-)

Brad mythtv at braddolman.com
Thu Jul 8 18:52:27 EDT 2004

Thanks for your comments, Jeff. Actually, the Pundit is the system I 
originally intended to go with. I really liked its feature set, size, 
and price. I wasn't too keen on using Intel, just because I would 
rather not support the MS/Intel cartel. Mostly though, the lack of 
expansion options is what drove me to look for an alternative. I'm 
most likely going to need to add another 200G HD and probably a 
second PVR250 when (if?) I get this all running. That's what lead me 
(eventually) to the Aria.

The only problem is finding the feature set that the Pundit provided 
on a mATX motherboard for the Aria. That's been the real stumbling 
block so far. The Shuttle seems the closest from what I've seen.

It looks like I'm paying about a $120 (cdn) premium for a little 
expansion capability. Not sure if that is justified, but I suppose 
that's what's been holding back my purchase so far.

Its good to hear that your happy with the Pundit. If I get fed up 
trying to figure out the innumerable options to build my own Aria box 
(which I'm quite close to) the Pundit is my fall back, and its good 
to know its working well.


>It's getting old, but the Asus Pundit is still a great system for a MythTV
>Frontend/Backend.  It's quite and small and cheap.  For $150 (newegg.com),
>you get a case, PSU, and motherboard with graphics, 5.1 audio, network,
>firewire, USB2, 2 PCI ports, PCMCIA Port - in a nice package.  I use one and
>would highly recommend it.  The picture quality is good, as is the sound (I
>use optical).  I can't hear it running in my quiet living room.  I would
>also recommend an infrared keyboard/mouse unit and then programming a
>universal remote to enter your key strokes.  But a remote does come with the
>PVR-250 as well.  There is also lots of help in the community from other
>Pundit users and very specific set up guides with Fedora Core 1.
>Pundit	$150
>Hard Drive	$200	250G
>Memory	$80	512MB
>PVR-250	$133
>DVD-ROM	$50
>Processor	$70	2.4GHz Celeron
>TOTAL		$683
>US->CN$	$898
>Just my two cents, though.

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