[mythtv-users] MythNews - news about myth ;-)

Xavier Hervy maxpower44 at tiscali.fr
Thu Jul 8 06:05:48 EDT 2004

Corey Woodworth wrote:
> Did some quick googling and I found this: 
> http://www.splatt.it/article1847.html It supposedly is an easy hack to 
> make PHP-nuke pages send out RSS. Mythtv's homepage is PHP-nuke driven 
> so with this patch applied we shold get an RSS feed of it. Then it just 
> needs to be added to MythNews' default list of feeds.

Can't open this article http://www.splatt.it/article1847.html.
However i found  with a quick googling too , this tool "cvs2rss"
Then it should be easy to create rss for mythtv cvs.


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