[mythtv-users] MythNews - news about myth ;-)

Corey Woodworth cdwom at mpinet.net
Thu Jul 8 05:15:59 EDT 2004

Did some quick googling and I found this: 
http://www.splatt.it/article1847.html It supposedly is an easy hack to 
make PHP-nuke pages send out RSS. Mythtv's homepage is PHP-nuke driven 
so with this patch applied we shold get an RSS feed of it. Then it just 
needs to be added to MythNews' default list of feeds.

Xavier Hervy wrote:

> What about having news about myth directly in mythnews ?
> I 'm thinking about one rss for generals news and one about cvs news.
> We should only generate rss from http://www.mythtv.org/
> and rss from changelog in cvs (for example one for mythtv and one for 
> each plugin).
> Just an idea, no time to do this.
> Xavier
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