[mythtv-users] Strange artifacts with PVR-250

John Goerzen jgoerzen at complete.org
Tue Jul 6 19:28:50 EDT 2004


I just switched my MythTV unit from an ancient WinTV PCI card (which
required software encoding to MJPEG) to the awesome PVR-250.

However, now I am noticing two strange artifacts:

 * About once every 2 minutes, a black line about 10 pixels wide
   will vertically on the left side of the screen for about 1/10 of a
   second.  Sometimes I it will do this several times in a row,
   separated by a few seconds.

 * About once every 3-4 minutes, though not coinciding with the other
   problem, the audio drops out for approximately 1/2 second.  It also
   does this about 5 seconds after tuning to a new channel.  It also
   seems that as I watch a program longer, this happens less

I can't finger any of the common culprits here.  My sound set up is
fine and I can play my older MJPEG files with no problem.  The system
is a lot less heavily loaded and is generating smaller files now, so I
really think it's unlikely to be a VM or HDD problem (and my HDD is
using IDE and JFS, so I feel pretty confident there anyway.)

Any thoughts?

-- John

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