[mythtv-users] Re: EFF calls for developers for MythTV

J. Donavan Stanley jdonavan at jdonavan.net
Tue Jul 6 18:49:13 EDT 2004

Jason Gabriele wrote:

>>There's a different point of vue that says that MythVideo is a part of
>>MythTV and thus should behave the same and that which application
>>MythVideo uses to do the task is an implementation detail the user
>>should not have to worry about.
>>So while using MPlayer or Xine to play videos simplifies things from a
>>development point of view, it can hurt ease of use. Corporate types
>>would say it's a tradeoff between time-to-market and integration<g>.
>i agree having a builtin player would be really nice but this has been
>tried before. there was a guy working on one but he said that there was
>too many problems with it and gave up on it. you have to realize it
>probably wouldnt make a difference with a commercial distribution
>because they would have setup mplayers keys to work like mythtvs. also
>many driver setup woes would already been taken care of because they
>would most likely ship the hardware with the software preinstalled. 

That was me, and I was working on integrating libxine not writing a 
whole new player.

MythVideo does have the option of using Myth's built in playback code.  
It just doesn't handle as many formats as Xine does nor does it support 
DVD menus.

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