[mythtv-users] RE: nvidia new drivers hdtv/interlacing, any benefit for us non HDTV people?

Chris Vargas ceenvee at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 5 12:29:24 EDT 2004

--- jdonovan wrote:

>>I was actually referring to the more basic ability 
>>of someone to detect whether they're getting 
>>correct interlaced source playback via tv-out, 
>>regardless of which nVidia drivers are in use. 
>>It's very obvious to me when it's not correct--
>>I'm surprised it's less obvious to others.
>It's highly dependent on the shows you watch...

I disagree. As I said earlier, I could tell that
interlaced playback was working with my MediaMVP and
my MythTV-recorded versions of The Daily Show, and
that's pretty much a talking head... not a lot of
motion like with sports, etc. And of course, the show
has to be shot to video, not to film, as I mentioned

> The quality exceeds that of my
> Tivo, which I used for years. 

That may be true, especially since Tivo apparently
defaults to recording less than 480 vertical lines of

> It might be very obvious to you because
> there's something wrong with your config. 

No, as I said earlier in the discussion (and I
apologize for screwing up the title of the thread), I
have NEVER seen proper playback of interlaced source
material from the two nVidia systems I have, whether
under Linux or Windows. (Besides, I'm now running to
my HDTV via 540p, so I do want to deinterlace.)

bjm's message seems to imply that this may be a
hardware limitation, even when your XF86Config is set
to the proper number of vertical lines of resolution.

So the question I'm asking is, is it possible, or is
it a limitation of the video card? I've not seen a
definitive answer yet in this thread.

I know that kerneldeint does a fine job of
deinterlacing, but the point that I and others are
making is, you wouldn't need to do it (nor would you
need to double the playback rate) if correct playback
and output of interlaced source was possible.

I'll stop beating this horse soon. Thanks.

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