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Venky Raju dev at venky.ws
Sat Jul 3 13:47:12 EDT 2004

Software decoding on the 800 MHz VIA will probably be sluggish.  I used a
350 on my VIA 800 with no problems while watching a recorded program and
recording a show at the same time.  But it was noticeably sluggish while
running OpenGL visualizations in MythMusic.




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I'm at the stage where I am going to buy the capture card for my Mythtv
setup, I have an 800mhz Samuel 2 cpu in a board with 512 of ddr ram (The
actual board is a Syntax S635MP).  I'm unsure if I'll be able to get away
with just having hardware mpeg2 encoding or if I'll need to get hardware
mpeg2 decoding aswell.  I would like to be able to record live tv and
playback at the same time.  I'm looking at getting a Hauppauge pvr 250 or
350.  Is there some way to run Mythtv in a "benchmark" mode where it could
tell me who well it would expect things to run with hardware/software


Even better if anyone out there have a similar system that could tell me how
well it performs?



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