[mythtv-users] livetv - switch cards ?

Reiner Klenk pdq808 at t-online.de
Sat Jan 31 03:33:08 EST 2004

mian wrote:
> I was in this same situation the other day, the reason is when you launch
> LiveTV it connects to the backend and gets the first available free
> recorder, which is generally the first card you entered in the database,
> I've added an extra toggle command to mine currently called 'toggle
> recorders' which allows LiveTV to tell the backend to cycle through to the
> next available free recorder (well currently just swaps between 2 cards
> rather than proper cycling but I intend to make it cycle incase theres 2+)
> but there's a few more things I'd like to clean up first before submitting
> a patch.

Thanks. I re-organized the database so that the digital card is the 
first one. If you want me to test your patches before release let me know.


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