[mythtv-users] Myth in 20 hours!

Jack R Hyde jr at jrh.net
Thu Jan 29 02:22:03 EST 2004

Jarod C. Wilson wrote:

> Uh, so why use all that power on a system that isn't even possible 
> right now?!? Preparing for the future and 2nd-gen 4000x3000p HDTV? ;-p
> I've looked at the Overture quite a bit lately, and its just too 
> damned deep for my taste (and space). I like that it takes a full ATX, 
> but I think I'd rather go with the new CoolerMaster that takes the 
> same (and its all black, instead of that silver junk mixed in)... My 
> secondary system is in a plain-jane InWin case that I'd like to 
> replace with something less beige. Perhaps I get the new CoolerMaster, 
> a new ATX nForce2 mobo and move the current primary upstairs... 
> (thinkin' out loud :-).

Why use a mallet when a sledgehammer will work just as well? I just 
couldn't resist the 64bit geek factor. Yes, it might even be slower in 
64 bit but hey, it's not much more expensive than a fat p4. Which I 
don't really need for my main mythtv box either...

I have the Coolermaster 610 (or is it 620, whatever the black aluminum 
thing is) and I love it. More than the overature. The only saving grace 
on the overature is that it accepts the full atx as you pointed out. The 
rear exhaust fan is loud, much louder than the cooler master's tiny 60mm 
(go figure) especially since the overature doesn't exhaust heat near as 
well and has to run the fan at full power all the time. Disappointing 
compared to the new sonata I built for my girlfriend in the living 
room... that thing is almost completly silent. I can't even tell it's 
on, it makes the previously silent tivo sound like a leaf blower. And it 
has a p4 2.8 to boot. Ah toys, love em.

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