[mythtv-users] adding a 'shutdown button' to myth exit menu

Jeff Monks mythtv at skunkeye.com
Wed Jan 28 18:49:32 EST 2004

On Wed, 28 Jan 2004, Chris Petersen wrote:

> > Myth already has this option, but if you're running a machine that has a 
> > backend on it, the option is disabled (to prevent you from shutting the 
> > machine down while a scheduled recording is going on, I think).
> I was wondering why that went away.  So what happens when you actually
> want to shut the machine down, and have disabled all other logins, etc? 
> (not that I do/have, but I'm curious).

I guess the idea is, don't do that.  Always leave SSH or telnet running so 
you can get in (just good practice, anyway, since security isn't generally 
going to be an issue with Myth boxes, and you could get into a situation 
where the console is frozen but the system is still running).  Or you 
could just re-enable it in the source and use it only in emergencies.

Probably the best solution would be to have this be a configurable option.  
Have the button gone by default on the master backend, as it is now, but 
allow the user to turn the button back on if they wish to and understand 
the ramifications.

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