[mythtv-users] RE: Anyone using a 34" widescreen CRT for mythtv?

Michael J. Sherman msherman at dsbox.com
Wed Jan 28 11:26:13 EST 2004

 > I am looking at purchasing a new 34" widescreen tube for
 > my myth setup. The two tvs I am looking at are the Toshiba
 > 34hf83 and the Sony 34xbr910.
 >Anyone have any experience using either of these tvs with
 > mythtv and mythdvd?

I have a 34" widescreen sony (the KV34HS510).  I'm waiting on delivery 
of a converter box that'll take VGA and convert it to RGB so I can use 
true HD resolutions.  Right now I just have s-video going from my Myth 
box to the HDTV, so the resolution is not as good as it could be.

The tough part is figuring out what X modelines to use.  I'm still not 
sure about that, but I think I've found some standard HDTV modelines to 
start with and tweak from there (to adjust for overscan, etc).


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