[mythtv-users] UK TV Listings source - bleb.org

Mark Cooper mythtv-users at mcooper.demon.co.uk
Wed Jan 28 09:31:42 EST 2004

I have been talking to Andrew Flagg from bleb.org ( 
http://www.bleb.org/tv/ ) and it looks like he is more than willing to 
set-up a UK TV Listings feed. ( 
http://www.bleb.org/tv/maillist/msg00069.html )

He has mentioned a number of different ways of providing the feed on his 
tvdevel list ( http://www.bleb.org/tv/maillist/ ) which I would 
encourage any/all UK interested users to look at/subscribe to.

He is currently after anyone who could help out creating a 
tv_grab_uk_bleb XMLTV grabber ...


Mark Cooper
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