[mythtv-users] DVD rip no jobs error

Shawn Asmussen asmussen at cox.net
Tue Jan 27 14:25:06 EST 2004

> 2. Permissions. mtd, cdrecord, and arson were all 755. I've chmod'ed them
> all to 4755 (setuid) but that hasn't helped with this problem. At least I
> can run arson as a normal user now, not root.

Wait a second... I just re-read your message a second time, and I noticed
that you were talking about cdrecord... Are you operating under the
assumption that the rip function of mythdvd is for BURNING dvd's? Because,
if you were to insert a blank dvd in to rip, I imagine that you'd see
about the behavior you are describing...

Shawn Asmussen

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