[mythtv-users] Help!, DVB kernel loclup

Simon at the Threshold dweller at the-threshold.org
Mon Jan 26 03:13:25 EST 2004

Quick update..

I've been playing some of the more recent and experimental fedora 
kernels but saddly I can't get any of the "vanilia" kernel's to fly (the 
2.4 and the 2.6.1) all choke on my via sata drives. Looks like I am 
locked in the redhat kernels for the bug fixes and stable back ports.

I've also tried the cvs versions of DVB and dvb-kernel but nothing has 

Finaly I took a "vanila" fedora kernel and without adding any other 
"custom" drivers including display I caused the box to lock up last 
night in the same way.  If the DVB driver is clashing with another 
driver its a stock one.

One thing did occur to me, what firmware version should I be using with 
this driver?. I took the nova-t DDL off the cd like the README told me 
too but it was revision C is ok or should I try an earlier one?.


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