[mythtv-users] Proper PVR 350 settings

Jason sredni.vashtar at comcast.net
Tue Jan 20 16:05:18 EST 2004


    I'm working on getting my PVR 350 based system setup properly, and I think I don't have the right settings in my recording profiles to get good output from the 350.  Currently, I'm able to record video (been going for about 15 hours now).  As I haven't fully cracked all the problems on my frontend problems, I've been copying the resulting .nuv files to my windows system to see what the quality is turning out to be.

    When viewing the files on my windows system (using media slayer), I see a lot of what looks like interlacing.  In high motion parts of the video, I get horizontal black lines in the output.  The problem isn't so bad in normal TV, but the Simpsons looks _horrible_, and I can notice the problem at other times in other shows.  I tried to take a screen shot of the problem but media player didn't want to cooperate with that effort.

    My current recording settings specify MPEG2-PS with a bitrate of 4500 and max bitrate of 6000.  Should I be using MPEG2-PS?  MPEG2-TS?  Something else?  (Is there documentation on what the difference between the video formats are?  I haven't _any_ clue what the difference between the TS and PS flavors of MPEG2 are, but I've got that enquiring mind...)

    Is this a problem that I can address?  I'm imagining that viewing files via the frontend on my TV (using the 350 TV out) will be a bit better, but I will probably want to view files on other systems, too.  I seem to remember someone posting about this problem recently, but I couldn't find the messages in the archive, and I can't quite recall if it was in the dev, users, or ivtv-devel list, which makes searching harder.

    Thank in advance for any suggestions,
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