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Tue Jan 20 10:44:10 EST 2004

>From: stan <stanb at panix.com>
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>Subject: Re: [mythtv-users] Basic concepts question
>Date: Mon, 19 Jan 2004 22:37:41 -0500
>On Mon, Jan 19, 2004 at 09:10:57PM -0500, J. Donavan Stanley wrote:
> > stan wrote:
> >
> > >Can anyomne point to some docs, or provide me with help in 
> > >what functions are done by what peices of MythTV?
> > >
> > >What is done by a "master backend"/ What is done by a non master 
> > >
> > >
> > A master backend controls one or more slave backends.
>OK, so what does the master backend do that the slave's don't do?
> >
> > >What is done by the frontend?
> > >
> > A frontend is the gui portion of Myth.  i.e. The part you use to view
> > recordings, watch TV, listen to music.
> >
> > >If I ahve a master backend, and one or more
> > >non master backends, can the master use the non masters for recording
> > >shows?
> > >
> > Yes
> >
> > >Can I move files between master and non master backends?
> > >
> > Hmmm I'm not sure where the files live in that setup I don't run it.
> >
> > >How about to frontends?
> > >
> > >
> >
> > You don't move files from the backends to the frontend(s), recordings /
> > live TV are streamed to them.
>What if I don't ave suficent backend CPU to decompress the files, and do
>the other things it needs to do> Or I don't have suficent network badnwith
>to stream over? BTW how much _is_ that?
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I'm sure someone will correct me if I am mistaken, but I believe that
the difference between the master backend and a slave backend is
that the SQL database resides only on the master.  I'm sure there
may be other differences as well.  I am only running 1 box with both
backend and frontend so I am not speaking from experience.

P. S.  Stan.  Buddy.  Pal.  Please, please, please, please take some
typing lessons or run your emails through a spell checker before
sending.  They are painful to read    ;-)

-- Harry O.

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