[mythtv-users] ATI remote wonder lirc config file anyone

Jeff Mottishaw jmot at mottie.com
Tue Jan 20 02:19:34 EST 2004

The gatos driver's README states:

The LIRC driver has now been integrated into LIRC-CVS (7.x).  Please
the latest version of LIRC.

Not sure if that means that the mouse feature has been implemented or
not.. But it sounds promising

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Audio Phile wrote:

>I just ordered an ATI remote wonder for use with
>mythtv.  Has anyone out there created a
>/home/mythtv/.lircrc for use with this remote?  Can
>you please post it here for me (and others) to grab?
>Thanks all!
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This should do the job... (you've gotta use irxevent...) Although, you
might not want to use mine because I was too lazy to map 
the big giant control-pad at the top (mouse emulation type control).... 
You might want to check out these two threads:

You don't have to use lirc for this remote, you can use the ati_usb 
driver (http://gatos.sf.net)... that way you can use the mouse emulation

too (lirc doesn't support the mouse emulation thing...)

Good luck, and enjoy this awesome remote.


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