[mythtv-users] More audio issues

Johannes Niess linux at johannes-niess.de
Mon Jan 19 16:35:23 EST 2004

Am Montag, 19. Januar 2004 15:12 schrieb Kevin Kuphal:
> I wrote earlier about the problem I am having getting TV sound to come out
> the SPDIF connector on my Yamaha based sound card.  To summarize, I'm using
> Alsa and all other system sounds (OSS, aplay, mplayer, etc) come out the
> SPDIF connector.  Even MythMusic and MythVideo/DVD work, but MythTV
> watching TV, the sound only comes out the speaker jack on the card.
> Tonight I complied MythTV from CVS with alsa support and without any
> configuration changes, it still does not come out the SPDIF connector.  My
> mythfrontend reports that it is using OSS /dev/dsp.  I didn't see any new
> options in the audio output section of the setup.  How do I define, with
> alsa support compiled in, a target like I do in mplayer of alsa9:spdif or
> the like?


You can try using the digital output (via the PCI Bus) of you TV card and 
forget about the loopback cable. Just load the btaudio module and record 
sound from /dev/dsp1 and replay from /dev/dsp0. Now every bit of sound should 
go the same route. As btaudio is a OSS module, you need to find out how to 
configure spdif output with OSS. It should be an option while loading the 
sound module. Try this:

stingray root # modinfo i810_audio
filename:    /lib/modules/2.4.23/kernel/drivers/sound/i810_audio.o
description: "Intel 810 audio support"
author:      ""
license:     "GPL"
parm:        ftsodell int
parm:        clocking int
parm:        strict_clocking int
parm:        spdif_locked int
stingray root #

Further help is specific to your sound card and the mythtv mailing list is not 
the best support forum for that.

Johannes Nieß

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