[mythtv-users] More audio issues

Kevin Kuphal kevin.kuphal at myrealbox.com
Mon Jan 19 09:55:57 EST 2004

It's not, it's a WinTV PCI card and I have that connection made.  As I
indicated, the sound comes out fine from the speaker jack on the sound card
with the line in/out connection.  I want the output to go to the SPDIF
connector like all other sounds are doing, just not watching via MythTV
(other Myth modules do)

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> Kevin Kuphal wrote:
> > I wrote earlier about the problem I am having getting TV 
> sound to come 
> > out the SPDIF connector on my Yamaha based sound card.  To 
> summarize, 
> > I'm using Alsa and all other system sounds (OSS, aplay, 
> mplayer, etc) 
> > come out the SPDIF connector.  Even MythMusic and 
> MythVideo/DVD work, 
> > but MythTV watching TV, the sound only comes out the 
> speaker jack on 
> > the card.
> > 
> > Tonight I complied MythTV from CVS with alsa support and 
> without any 
> > configuration changes, it still does not come out the SPDIF 
> connector.  
> > My mythfrontend reports that it is using OSS /dev/dsp.  I 
> didn't see 
> > any new options in the audio output section of the setup.  How do I 
> > define, with alsa support compiled in, a target like I do 
> in mplayer 
> > of alsa9:spdif or the like?
> > 
> > Kevin
> > 
> Hi Kevin,
> If you are talking about the pvr 350, which is the only card I can 
> comment on, route the rca outs from the tv card to the input on the 
> sound card. Then all of your sound should come out of the sound card.
> kr
> -- 
> K.R. Foley
> kr at cybsft.com
> www.cybsft.com

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