[mythtv-users] Re: mythbackend setup location

Chance thechance at kiwitees.com
Sun Jan 18 23:59:09 EST 2004

OK here is what I have trouble with

Switch to the setup directory and run the setup program:

        $ cd setup
        $ ./setup

This is for the configuration of the mythbackend

I am running the precompiled rmps installed with synaptic.  I just can't
find the setup file anywhere on my system.  I have tried find already. 
Did I miss something?

> I guess I am just retarded.  I have a basic understanding of Linux but I
> can't seem to find the ./setup that the documents describe.  It wants me
> to run this at the command line in the ..setup folder but I cant seem to
> find either one. 
> I know I am probably over looking something but I really need some
> help.  I have no idea where to even start.  I have been looking around
> my system for hours.
> I am running myth .13 on Fedora Core 1
> I have a pvr 250 if that matters.
> Thanks,
> Chance

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