[mythtv-users] unresolved symbols in libranet/debian with pvr350

J. Donavan Stanley jdonavan at jdonavan.net
Sat Jan 17 19:00:29 EST 2004

Dave W wrote:

>ivtv-fb.o: ivtv-fb.o: unresolved symbol ivtv_clear_irq_mask
>ivtv-fb.o: ivtv-fb.o: unresolved symbol ivtv_debug
>ivtv-fb.o: ivtv-fb.o: unresolved symbol ivtv_cards_active
>ivtv-fb.o: ivtv-fb.o: unresolved symbol ivtv_api
>ivtv-fb.o: ivtv-fb.o: unresolved symbol ivtv_pal
>ivtv-fb.o: ivtv-fb.o: unresolved symbol ivtv_cards
First thing that jumps out is that it appears as though your normal ivtv 
driver isn't loaded....

>deb http://dijkstra.csh.rit.edu/~mdz/debian unstable mythtv
>My BIGGEST problem at this point is I'm not comfortable enough with CVS
>and/or with playing with drivers/modules to know what I'm doing, and the
>various pages I've found for TV-Out and mythtv for Debian assume this
>knowledge.  So I don't have the bleeding edge CVS version of ivtv, in case
>that would help, and am not positive I have the modules "done" right.
Hrm...  I'm pretty sure you need ivtv 1.9 or higher and a fairly recent 
CVS build of Myth for the 350 output to work well.  If you're not 
comfortable with CVS and building things by hand you might be better off 
waiting for a couple weeks.  Myth .14 should be out by then and packaged 
up by your favorite package maintainer.

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