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Thu Jan 15 23:24:39 EST 2004

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>Subject: [mythtv-users] xvmc / ivtv / GeForce FX
>Date: Thu, 15 Jan 2004 19:35:30 -0800 (PST)
>Trying again - no reply last time...
>First off - many thanks to Jarod and Isaac, et.al.
>Great work.
>This may seem to be an ignorant question but...
>I bought the GeForce FX for it's supposed hdwe
>decoding capabilities to go with my PVR-250 hdwe
>The PVR-250 works great for recording/encoding < 10%
>cpu.  However the FX does not seem to do any hdwe
>decoding.  The cpu > 90% so obviously it's not hdwe
>I've tried using the mplayer.conf settings:
>and it seems not to make a difference.
>I see alot on the list about new ivtv libs from 12 Jan
>as well as making the change to settings.pro to
>include the xvmc libs.  I have to assume by the
>context of the settings.pro file in cvs that it is
>library directives for a make/build if I have co'd
>everything from cvs.  Correct?
>Thanks for any help / suggestions.
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I guess I should start with the obvious: did you install the nVidia
binary driver?  I am running version 4363 but for xvmc you should
be able to run 4496, 4620 or 5328 (latest).

Assuming you ARE using the binary driver... do you have your
XF86Config-4 file set up for dual display?  I do and xvmc is only
supported on one screen (either but you have to specify).  To
specify you have to set the Screen parameter in the device
section (Screen 0 for the device you want to run xvmc on).

Finally, I assume you had a typo above.  I'm guessing you meant
xvmc,xv, instead of xvmc,cv, since that would probably disable xv
acceleration and if xvmc cannot be used then that would account
for 90% cpu since you would be running totally unaccellerated

Hope this helps somewhat.  If you need me to post either my
XF86Config-4 or .mplayer/config let me know.  This shouldn't
be that tough.  I have had problems using xvmc with Myth (I'm
not running cvs, so I haven't tried recent enhancements) but
xvmc with mplayer was pretty trivial (then again, I'm running a
more recent version than the one that came with my distro
[maybe you could post your mplayer version if the above does
not work]).

-- Harry O.

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