[mythtv-users] manual recording

Bruce Markey bjm at lvcm.com
Thu Jan 15 05:32:09 EST 2004

Bill Oberman wrote:
> I setup a manual recording yesterday, and today I noticed it wasn't in the
> list in the "fix scheduling conflicts" screen.  It also wasn't listed in
> mythweb.
> I poked in the DB, and the entry was there.  I'm using myth 0.14.20040102-1.
> Is this a GUI issue only? IE, will it still record even though it's not
> showing up in the GUI?  Or, does the GUI == what is going to record?

If the start time is the same as the start time of a regularily
scheduled show, the manual record will not work. This is a long
standing bug. The workaround is to redo the manual recording
starting a minute earlier or something so that it doesn't match
a starttime in the program listings.

--  bjm

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