[mythtv-users] OT: DC to AC power adapter wrong size

Clay claybo at pacbell.net
Tue Jan 13 22:51:48 EST 2004

Hey everyone, sorry for the off-topic message.  I didn't know where 
else to post this.

I just got a PW-70A for my ME6000.  Before purchasing the PW-70A, I 
e-mailed the folks at Logic Supply (logicsupply.com) with a question 
regarding compatibility of a specific AC adapter with the PW-70A, and 
referenced them to a page with measurements of the size of the plug on 
this adapter.  They responded and said it is a size that will fit, and 
will be compatible.  I just received the AC adapter and the PW-70A and 
they just barely do NOT fit together.  (Cannot slip the DC end of the 
adapter onto the PW-70A, although by looking at the ends of each they 
look very close to fitting together.)

I don't know if the measurements on the web site were off or if I got 
bad advice from Logic Supply, but to make a long story short, is it 
acceptable to take some pliers or something and stretch out the DC end 
of the adapter a tiny bit to get it to fit onto the PW-70A?  Or will 
this cause serious damage that I'd rather avoid?  (The adapter is 
otherwise completely compatible with the PW-70A -- 12 volts, etc, etc).

Thanks so much for any help and advice!

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