[mythtv-users] Suggestion for a NICE case if you are looking

Tommy Nijem tnijem at cronometric.com
Tue Jan 13 22:34:52 EST 2004

I have been in search of a nice looking case for my MythBox and I found
one I really like so I thought I would share.

I wanted a case that the Wife would like, that doesn't look out of place
among traditional home theater gear etc, that was less than 4in high,
that accepted micro-ATX or full ATX mobos, and FULL Height PCI cards.


I found this case from Silverstone Technologies and bought it.



It is pricey ($150 bucks from NewEgg.com) but it met all my other
conditions so I said "what the hell"

It uses PCI riser cards to accept full-height PCI cards and has the
ability to use 2 PCI cards on the risers OR 1 PCI and 1 AGP

**Also note that it requires the use of a slim optical drive. Which can
be found for around $55 US for Slim DVD ROM



Thought I'd share

If you have questions about the case let me know.



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