[mythtv-users] Black and White OSD

Simon at the Threshold dweller at the-threshold.org
Mon Jan 12 10:51:00 EST 2004

Chris Wieringa wrote:
>>Finaly managed to get my X display with my nVidia MX440 up in XvMC mode 
>>and its cured my on screen ripping problem. However I notice that all of 
>>my OSD displays are in B/W which strange?
> There is a limitation of a 16-color overlay image for XvMC, so it was decided
> that B&W OSD looked better than trying to downsample the color OSD.  I believe
> some people are working on different OSD themes, and they might have color in
> them for XvMC people.

Thanks for that Chris, Now I know its a "limitation" rarther than a 
"problem" I'll see about creating a simple black and white OSD theme.
Hopefully it will look nice and retro and not too nasty..

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