[mythtv-users] Xbox vs PVR350

Dorian Logan dorian at slug.co.uk
Thu Jan 8 06:07:09 EST 2004

XBox and PVR350 offer different functionality:

XBox (with a modified ROM) can be used to run the MythTV front end - to 
view assets from a MythBackend server. There is no current solution for 
using an XBox to capture a video source - although there are several 
projects currently looking into this.

The PVR350
This card is used to capture, encode and decode to MPEG2

Depending on your needs to record you need to consider both your 
playback and recording needs.

An XBox certainly does provide a cost effective frontend client - and 
you will be able to update the software unlike some of the appliances 
that are coming on the market.

Maybe the DVB devices that use USB maybe interfaced to the XBox in the 
future - but then when you consider the cost of an Xbox, the mod chip, 
a bigger drive and the DBV Box then the price does start to add up.

On 7 Jan 2004, at 23:19, Tom Bojsen wrote:

> Hi All,
> I wonder if anybody could comment on the quality of TV out on the Xbox 
> compared to PVR350 ?
> It seems that the price of a new pvr350 is the same as the same as a 
> new Xbox, so I'm in doubt af what to buy.
> I'm already running the back and frontend on a small quite pc under 
> the tv, but plan to put the PVR in my server which is anyway always 
> running..
> I have previously tried to run with a bt848 and tvout on the 
> nvidia440mx but the quallity was lousy even though its a 1.8Mhz PC, so 
> I really is considering to buy the PVR just for the TV out.
> Comment on the noise level from the xbox is also appriciated.
> Anyway, Mythtv is a fantastic peace of software
> /Tom   
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