[mythtv-users] Myth only recording one show

David Rees drees at greenhydrant.com
Tue Jan 6 01:16:10 EST 2004

Kyle Kelly wrote, On 1/5/2004 5:00 PM:
> I'm using either pvr250_17_21288.exe or what came default on the cd.  I 
> was having a bunch of problems a couple of weeks ago with the drivers so 
> I tried many different combinations, and now I can't remember which I 
> ended up using.
> Does anyone know if there is a way/program to find out what ivtv 
> firmware version you're using?

Recent versions of ivtv print it out to the syslog when loading.  For 
example, ivtv prints this for me:

ivtv: Encoder revision: 0x02040011
ivtv: Decoder revision: 0x02020023

I'm using pvr250_17_21288.exe.  In addition, you can run `strings -head 
1` on the firmware in /lib/modules.


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