[mythtv-users] Frontend without backend

Stephen L. Ulmer ulmer at ulmer.org
Tue Jan 6 00:37:27 EST 2004

On 5 Jan 2004, ian at duckland.org said:
> On Sun, 2004-01-04 at 19:35, Stephen L. Ulmer wrote:
>> I think you will need another computer on which to run MySQL.  The
>> non-TV plug-ins just need access to the database.  You could setup
>> the database and just have no tuners or video sources...
> Nope - you can run the database on the same box.

Even on the X-box? Obviously it works for "real" computers... ;)

I keep entering contests hoping to win an X-box. I'm interested just
to hack on it, but I won't give M$ the money...

I wish the Linux kit for the PS/2 would come down in price...


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