[mythtv-users] minimum CPU requirements for PVR-250

Torsten Schenkel torsten.schenkel at web.de
Sun Jan 4 16:20:11 EST 2004

Am So, den 04.01.2004 schrieb Andy Skinn um 19:41:
> Thanks for all your help so far...
> Here is the spec sheet on the 233 system I was going to
> start with:
> http://www-1.ibm.com/support/docview.wss?uid=psg1EHET-459UJ5
> The problem here is that there is only 1 PCI slot - so the
> PVR-250 would be in that slot.  Then, I still need to get
> ethernet access - which could be done on the ISA slot - but
> then I'm full.
> Does anyone know if there are any old hardware decoders
> that run on ISA slots - because I could move the ethernet
> to a USB port if needed.

Exchange the 250 for a 350. Then you have en-/decoding on one card. The
driver is mature enough by now.

Walkthrough: MythTV on Epia with PVR350 using Debian:

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