[mythtv-users] Getting XVMC working and knowing it?

Dwaine Garden DwaineGarden at rogers.com
Sat Jan 3 21:30:33 EST 2004

Chris Osgood wrote:

>I recently went through all this so maybe I can provide a little info
>(hopefully correct info if I'm lucky).
>The OSD will be black & white if XvMC is running.  I don't if that is a
>true test though.
>In my case there is a significant difference in CPU usage when using XvMC.
>I get 10-25% CPU usage without XvMC and with XvMC it uses so little CPU
>that it doesn't show up in top.
>As far as I know XvMC only works with MPEG2 encoded stuff (DVD, hardware
>capture card like the PVR250/350, etc).  The normal RTjpeg/MPEG4
>recordings will not use XvMC for playback.
>You can't currently record to MPEG2 with the software encoder.  That is
>something I would like to have also.
    Thanks for the information.  I'll stop right now.   heheheh wasted a 
day worth of work.

    There is not a lot of information regarding XVMC stuff in X or 
mythtv.   I honestly could not
figure out if it was running/working/not working.

I guess I'm over to ebay to grab one of those cheap 250 card.


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