[mythtv-users] Getting XVMC working and knowing it?

Chris Osgood mythtv at functionalfuture.com
Sat Jan 3 20:16:50 EST 2004

I recently went through all this so maybe I can provide a little info
(hopefully correct info if I'm lucky).

The OSD will be black & white if XvMC is running.  I don't if that is a
true test though.

In my case there is a significant difference in CPU usage when using XvMC.
I get 10-25% CPU usage without XvMC and with XvMC it uses so little CPU
that it doesn't show up in top.

As far as I know XvMC only works with MPEG2 encoded stuff (DVD, hardware
capture card like the PVR250/350, etc).  The normal RTjpeg/MPEG4
recordings will not use XvMC for playback.

You can't currently record to MPEG2 with the software encoder.  That is
something I would like to have also.


// Chris

On Sat, 3 Jan 2004, Dwaine Garden wrote:

> I have mythtv cvs installed with mplayer from atrpms.  I'm trying to
> figure out if xvmc is actually working.   How does one figure out if
> it's working correctly.   Does the mplayer from atrpms have XVMC
> built-in.   Do I have to download the source and rebuild it.
> These are some of the questions which it seems are not answered anywhere
> on the net.
> I have another question about mpeg.   How do i setup the recording of
> video to mpeg?   Does XVMC depend of the video source being recorded in
> mpeg instead of the RTjpeg codec for the viewing of videos with XVMC?
> I'm trying to get XVMC working with Live TV and the Playback of video.
> Here is my setup
> mythtv cvs jan 2, 2004
> mplayer from atrpms.
> Thanks
> Dwaine.

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