[mythtv-users] lircrc for XP Media Center Edition remotes?

J. Donavan Stanley jdonavan at jdonavan.net
Sat Feb 28 11:53:07 EST 2004

Dave Caplinger wrote:

>It's working reasonably well except the repeat rate is too fast -
>unless I'm really quick about releasing the buttons on the remote,
>I almost always get 2 button presses.  This is a hassle for things
>like "pause" since the second press un-pauses!

That's because you're missing a repeat line for your various keys.


    prog = irxevent
    button = Pause
    repeat = 0
    config = Key P CurrentWindow

Note you can change the value for repeat so that you can slow down the repeat rate for other keys.  With my remote I use repeat=3 for most things that I want to repeat.

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