[mythtv-users] RGB HDTV input

Jason Kraftcheck jkraftch at facstaff.wisc.edu
Tue Feb 24 10:31:10 EST 2004

I'm considering purchasing a PC to run MythTV.  My HDTV has an RGB input
which I'd like the connect the VGA output of the PC to.  I'm hoping
someone on this list has tried a similar configuration so I know if it
will work or not before I start purchasing hardware.

The RGB input on the TV will accept only 1080i.  Will newer nVidia chips
output this?  Are there any issues with configuring X to run at 1080i.

Does MythTV support such a configuration?  Will it display other material
(menus, NTSC video, etc.) on a 1080i display?  Will HDTV material
(interlaced mpeg2) be de-interlaced and re-interlaced before it is
displayed?  If so, how will this affect image quality?

Also, any suggestions on where I might get a good deal on cabling, etc. to
connect a 15-pin VGA output to 5 closely-spaced RCA/phono plugs?


-- jason kraftcheck

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