[mythtv-users] pvr-250 lirc prebuffering pauses solved

Joe Votour joevph at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 24 02:22:11 EST 2004

I see this as well, but I just recently installed a
PVR-350, to complement my PVR-250.  It doesn't happen
every time, however, and sometimes, I just get the
stuttering, without any "prebuffering pause" messages.
 If I exit from LiveTV, and then re-enter it, the
pauses are gone.

I never noticed this when I was using a PVR-250 and a
WinTV dbx, however, so it could be some sort of issue
with multiple PVR-x50 cards.

-- Joe

--- James  Meyer <james.meyer at operamail.com> wrote:
> Hi all,
> Just wanted to share in case it helps anybody else.
> Using two  pvr-250's  , native lirc, and one of the
> native 250 receiver I 
> would get pre-buffering pauses anytime I attempted
> to browse or change 
> channels.  
> This was very frustrating so I pulled my old irman
> out of storage and started 
> using it to see if it would help, instantly my
> pre-buffering pauses went 
> away.  Not for sure how using the pvr-250's receiver
> caused the pauses  but 
> replacing it with the irman solved all my problems.
> -james
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