[mythtv-users] I can not change channel!!

gkanis at cems.umn.edu gkanis at cems.umn.edu
Mon Feb 23 22:17:09 EST 2004

This is very weird. Indeed it is!!
The past two days, MythTv was recording the wrong movie. I did not pay 
attention until today, when I decided to watch Tv on my computer. What 
happened is that I can not change the channel. It is not that I am stuck with 
one channel and if I use the arrow keys nothing will happen. On the contrary, 
with the arrow keys, the number/name of the channel changes but NOT the 
picture. I am literally stuck with one single channel.
The thing is even worse, since I have exactly the same problem with Tvtime

The funny thing is that mythfilldatabse runs without any problem

Thank you in advance for your help

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