[mythtv-users] Watching TV without recording?

J. Donavan Stanley jdonavan at jdonavan.net
Sat Feb 21 16:00:27 EST 2004

Niklas Brunlid wrote:

> Hi, new to Myth, got backend/frontend setup but still waiting on 
> swedish tv_grab (yes, I saw the xmltv-devel post, but that attachment 
> was incomplete :) ).

New to PVRs in general I take it?

> Anyway, my question is: why must myth record/encode/decode if all 
> you're doing is watching TV? Would the delay from jumping to LiveTV 
> Pause mode be unacceptably long? I'm asking because it seems strange 
> to use 50-80% of the CPU to do something that XawTV and TVTime do 
> automatically.

What happens when you're watching a game and want to see a play over 
again?  Or you're watching a movie and you miss a line of dialog.  If 
you're seeing 50%-80% of your CPU being eaten and that's a problem then 
maybe you should consider upgrading your hardware.  I'm curious why it's 
an issue, if you're watching TV on the machine what else are you doing 
with it?

> I know I can change the main menu "Watch TV" option to launch TVTime, 
> or even add a new option, but that kinda defeats the purpose.

So does not keeping a ringbuffer running while you're watching TV.

As an aside, this topic has come up lots of times and is a dead horse.

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