[mythtv-users] Watching TV without recording?

Joseph A. Caputo jcaputo1 at comcast.net
Mon Feb 23 10:22:19 EST 2004

On Sunday 22 February 2004 18:23, Nicola Ferri wrote:
> > Yes.  Well, sort of.  You can replace the command normally fun by
> > the
> "Watch
> > TV" button with "EXECTV xawtv", and simply use xawtv (or your
> > preferred
> v4l
> > program) to do you LiveTV viewing.
> does you can supply further details on how replace this command?
> Thanks,
> Nicola

Take a look at <myth-install-prefix>/share/mythtv/tvmenu.xml.  Copy the 
file to ${HOME}/.mythtv/tvmenu.xml and then edit it.  There's an 
example at the bottom of the file; try uncommenting it to get a 
"Passthrough Mode" button in your TV menu.


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