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John DeLuca johnfdeluca at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 17 16:50:05 EST 2004

I use the Tivo remote with my Myth Setup.  It works quite well.  In order to get it to work, you need an IR Receiver (the one that comes with the Hauppauge PVR-x50 does not work with most remotes including the Tivo).  LIRC is the linux app that supports infrared and can tell you more about receivers and provides the config files for the Tivo remote (among others).

Steve Ennico <sennico at hotmail.com> wrote:I recently picked up a Phillips Tivo Remote from ebay for $10. I am currently running .14 on FC 1 using jarod's guide. Does anyone know if this remote will work with my Leadtek TV2000XP Deluxe. If not what is the easiest way to get it working. The Tivo remote would send the WAF through the roof so I really wanna get it working. Thanks
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