[mythtv-users] Hauppauge PVR in GTA?

Albert Santoni gamegod at sympatico.ca
Tue Feb 17 07:07:37 EST 2004

Timon, John wrote:

>anyone shop that uses EMJ as a supplier can get these cards.  You can call
>EMJ directly and have them tell you a store in your area that carries them.
>I am in London (ontario) and was able to purchase one at a local shop using
>this method.
>John Timon
>Unix like TeePee no windows, no gates, Apache inside.

My local computer store in Burlington can get them... 
They don't have them in stock, but can have one for you within one or 
two days if you phone beforehand... The price isn't very good though... 
like $200 for the PVR-250 or something....


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