[mythtv-users] Adding a new hard drive

Robert J. Clark clark at exiter.com
Tue Feb 17 04:48:39 EST 2004

On Tue, 17 Feb 2004 01:54:00 -0600, Darren Mak wrote:

> I currently have all my myth data on an 80 Gig hard drive
> I bought a 120Gig drive an have added it to my system.
> I have one question and one problem.
> The question. Is it possible to join the two drives so that Fedora sees one
> drive?

Yes. Use the Logical Volume Manager. See
<http://www.mythtv.org/docs/mythtv-HOWTO-22.html#ss22.3> for some examples.
I use LVM with my MythTV data and just added another drive without any
problems. Setting up LVM the first time can be a bit tricky though. Make
sure you read everything you can get your hands on before trying anything.

> The problem.
> Until I figure out the answer to the above question I was going to transfer
> all data to the 120Gig drive as my 80 Gig is full. However I added the drive
> as the secondary master and when typing dmesg the drive is recognized as 120
> Gig and comes up as hdc with unknown partition table because it has not been
> created yet.

If you decide to go with LVM, you can create the volume group on the 120
Gb drive, move the data over and then reformat and add the old 80 Gb drive
to the group.

> So I read up on the web about creating a partition and everything says use
> fdisk. try that and get bash: fdisk: command not found

fdisk is not normally in the users path, try /sbin/fdisk as root.

> Apt-get of fdisk yields an error directing me to linux-utils which when I
> try to install it says that linux-utils is the newest one.

Which means that you proobably already have fdisk installed. Try
/sbin/fdisk as mentioned above.

Give the example I linked to above a read and see if that appeals to you.

- Rob


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